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Logan’s car

…but sliding into the car always gave her a little thrill. And it wasn’t just that the dashboard looked like that of a spaceship and the leather interior was a soft as a cherub’s backside. A faint smell, warm and woodsy, lingered in the driver’s seat - the distant notes of Logan’s aftershave. And when she curled her fingers around the steering wheel she could almost feel his hands there, under hers. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Rob Thomas.

trying to buy an iphone case is actually the hardest thing i want mint green soft rubber full case, NOT TPU SILICONE NO NO NO. i don’t want the case to be hard is this to difficult to understand internet?!?!??!

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trasks replied to your post “so i’m cleaning out my bathroom and room and just generally everywhere…”


i know. 82. like i knew i had a few more than normal because i had had to buy some when i had them at home, but 82???? that’s just ridiculous. i’m set for life apparently. 

so i’m cleaning out my bathroom and room and just generally everywhere and i have found 82 tampons. 

eighty two

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to cast you down

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Want to take Hogwarts classes online?

Holy Jesus Hogwarts is here.

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars in Veronica Mars movie [2014].

What you missed on 4x02 of Game of Thrones





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