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All I got was a shitty coffee for breakfast so I made up for it by having 1.5 lunches and 2 dinners.

Sometimes hunger strikes, and you just gotta deal with it.

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From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.


what am i doING HERE THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS *sputters and chokes* if im disovered IMAGINE THE SCANDAL *gasps for breath* AND I COULDNT HANDLE A SCANDAL SO RISIBLE ILL STAY INVISIBLE STILL AS CAN- *passes out and dies*

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From Willemijn’s last ever Defying Gravity….just wait for it.

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you know those days where you’re just having a really shitty day.

yeah today is that day. a combination of rain, my uterus eating itself, traffic, paying for parking (about $26 worth jesus christ), and a dinner with someone that i really didn’t want to have to go to, like fuck, not okay. 

so i’m going to sit back, watch an episode of chuck, go to sleep and then do all my washing tomorrow.

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"You have disgraced the Lannister name for far too long."

Lunch on my 21st birthday! Happy birthday to me!!!


(21 yo like I know I’m not old but I’m getting older!!!!! So I feel old)

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It’s too hot outside

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I told him, I told him about us, I told him I won’t marry Loras Tyrell. I told him I’m staying right here, with Tommen, with you. I don’t choose Tywin Lannister, I don’t love Tywin Lannister. I love my brother, I love my lover.